Living the Alternative: Summer reading guide

Taylor Felver

Summer is the perfect time to catch up on some reading for those of us who enjoy a good book. This summer many new books will be making their debut and the summer is probably the best time to get reading. Here’s some of the best books to binge read.

“Into the water” – Paula Hawkins


Category: Thriller

Written by the same author who wrote “Girl on the Train,” Paula Hawkins will follow up with her next thriller, “Into the Water.” The best things about thrillers are their ability to scare you as much as a scary movie would, just with words and maybe (hopefully) Hawkins won’t let us down. And it’s already out, so might as well get ahead of the crowd!

“No one is coming to save us” – Stephanie Powell Watts

Category: borders on historical fiction

I for one cannot wait to read this one. Critics are saying this is “’The Great Gatsby’ re-done in the contemporary South.” This book is centered around an African -American family and their version of the American dream (as it states on the back cover), and is centered around character JJ Ferguson. For fans of the original classic novel, this one sounds like it will not disappoint.

“The Lightkeepers” – Abby Geni

Category: Expository

Combining concepts such as nature, human unpredictability and animals, this novel sounds as close to becoming a classic as any. While the summary may not be telling, if you are a fan of complex webs and interlocking stories, this one is for you.

“The Handmaid’s Tale” – Margaret Atwood

Category: dystopia, if you want a TV follow up


While this book has been out for some time, it just now has a follow up TV show on Hulu starring Elizabeth Moss. I always encourage reading the book before the TV show, but either way I think it’s pretty easy to get caught up in such a creative story line. Especially when the story line is about the future, that alone almost makes it a must read.

Still not satisfied? Check out Barnes & Nobles staff picks shelf. They usually have good insight and choices (and they ought to know).