Green Report: National firsts in Colorado on 4/20

Dylan Simonson

4/20 was a busy day this year for Colorado stoners, not only is 4/20 the day people celebrate marijuana across the globe, but this year it was the first time a drive-through dispensary and a cannabis church opened their doors. These establishments are considered the first of their kind.

4/20 saw the first customers at Tumbleweed Express Drive-Thru’s dispensary. The dispensary houses the first drive-through dispensary in the United States. A revolutionary ordeal, the dispensary opened in the small town of Parachute, Colorado, a city with just over 1,000 residents. The building used to be a car wash, and now customers have to “drive into the building,” according to Tumbleweed’s chief executive, Mark Smith. A door opens for a car to enter, and closes behind it, so customers are technically in the building when purchasing their marijuana.


drive through.jpg
Photo courtesy of: Flickr

The International Church of Cannabis also opened its doors for the first time Thursday. While their ceiling is no Sistine Chapel, it is a beautiful display of trippy, rainbow, geometric tile patterns. The members of the International Church of Cannabis call themselves “Elevationists,” although Elevationists can be Christian or Jewish, according to co-founder Steve Berke. It doesn’t matter your religion, Elevationism is only used as a supplement for spiritual learning. The church is located in Denver near Washington Park in a 113-year-old structure that most recently was used by a Lutheran congregation.

Photo courtesy of: Wikimedia Commons

Lawmakers in Colorado’s house just recently rejected an attempt to ban marijuana use in churches, and was denied by both sides of the isle. This ban was directly aimed to halt the International Church of Cannabis from getting off the ground, and was proposed by Rep. Dan Pabon, D-Denver. Pabon said he proposed the measure because of Colorado’s reputation, after the International Church of Cannabis made national news. The measure was classified as unconstitutional and a restriction on religion.

Photo courtesy of: Wikimedia Commons

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