Alec Reviews Music: Quiet Company releases strong EP

Alec Erickson

If the band Quiet Company has managed to accomplish anything in their career it is being anything but quiet. This indie-rock band has been challenging beliefs, creating enticing and catchy music and all the while having some fun. Those are all qualities listeners want within a rock band, and it is great to hear all that and more ftrom their latest project “It’s Not Attractive and It Changes Nothing.”

Quiet Company - It's Not Attractive and It Changes Nothing.jpg
Photo Courtesy: iTunes

Quiet Company based out of Austin, Texas, has been around for a good 17 years. Listeners can hear the influence that the local music scene of Austin had on the band with the heavy influence of the indie style as well as a DIY mentality. From the release of their debut album “Shine Honestly” to their fifth studio album “Transgressor,” there is a very natural and fluid progression. The band has started to ease into their own definitive style of music. With Taylor Muse’s songwriting shining through on “Transgressor” and “We Are All Where We Belong,” the band is known for challenging Christian beliefs; that is one thing they do well.



Starting this extended play, we have the first of three tracks “Celebrity Teeth Poacher.” This song is all about progression, building from a slow and methodical rhythm into a huge number at the end. It encapsulates everything Quiet Company manages to do well in their music. Muse’s vocals resonate on this track and work well with the riffs. There is a lot to appreciate with “Celebrity Teeth Poacher,” especially halfway through the track as it builds up to this massive ensemble piece. It is a great start to the EP and leads right into the next track.

“Get Beside Me Satan!” is the essential rock track on the whole EP. The first half is loud and in your face, but it is not hard to move along to the beat and catchy melody. It slows down a bit to catch its breath before picking right back up. If anyone wants a track that takes you on a ride from start to finish, then listen to “Get Beside Me Satan!” Technically, this is the best mixed track. Lyrically, it is deep. This is the track that I think most people will relate to on a spiritual and emotional level. Overall, if a listener wants more of a rock sound “Get Beside Me Satan!” is the just that.

Rounding out the EP we have “On Single Moms,” which is beautiful as it is soothing. This is a great track because of the structure that it takes. Once all the layers come in, listeners are invested in every way possible. The horns specifically add a unique and tasteful sound to the track. Muse’s vocals shine through on a much more calming note than usual. While it is something that I say overall on each track of this EP, it just goes to show how much talent and a wide variety he has as a musician. “On Single Moms” was a great way to close out the EP.

Should You Listen To It?: Absolutely!

EPs are great insights into bands. “It’s not Attractive and It Changes Nothing” is the best thing to introduce anyone to Quiet Company. This is one of the strongest EPs we have had in this year.