Global Village Museum’s ‘Egypt: Gift of the Nile’ presents collection of artifacts



Right at the entrance to Old Town sits a small, inconspicuous gallery called the Global Village Museum, and it may be the most criminally unrecognized attraction in all of Fort Collins.

For five years, the independent and non-profit museum has been a premiere showcase of international folk art. Its galleries include textiles, crafts and sculptures produced by cultures from around the world. In the main gallery, the Global Village Museum presents exhibits highlighting a unique aspect of global cultural art, such as last year’s “Nativities Around the World.”

Running now through June 17 is the exhibit “Egypt: Gift of the Nile.” This gallery presents a wide perspective on the ancient and modern art of Egypt, while also teaching its history and culture. Its items are all provided by over 30 Northern Colorado art enthusiasts and collectors who have traveled far and wide to supply this unique nexus of world folk art, a point of pride for Outreach Coordinator Leisa Taylor.

“(The Global Village Museum) is a link between Northern Colorado and the world,” Taylor said. “Come to our corner, and see the world.”

Artifacts within “Egypt: Gift of the Nile” include ornate papyruses, cartouches, camel saddle bags, jewelry, modern Islamic art and replicas of the Rosetta Stone and ancient religious paraphernalia. Most items also include a more detailed explanation of its cultural significance, such as a description of the mummification process or ancient mythology.

The Global Village Museum is a favorite among Poudre School District students. Kids on field trips can wear authentically styled costumes, go on scavenger hunts and create their own cartouches with their names in hieroglyphics. The museum also hosts a music room with unique global instruments for all to enjoy.

Permanent items on display include the Hall of International Textiles, a gallery of woven wall hangings showcasing the weaving traditions of cultures from around the world. In a separate room lies the Village Arts Gallery, another permanent exhibit of donated artifacts and fine art with an emphasis of the cultures from Africa, Asia and Oceania.


On March 25, special guest Joni Teter, Fullbright Scholar and Egyptophile, will give the speech “What Came Before: Egypt’s Roots in Neolithic North Africa.” Teter will explain the origin of civilization along the Nile as it came about due to migrations spurred on by gradual and massive climate change.

Next on the Global Village Museum’s agenda is the Fort Collins Gallery Walk on April 7, an open house for the “Gift of the Nile” exhibit with outdoor music provided by the trio D’ACCORDion. More so,  April 11 marks the museum’s Sixth Birthday Open House, running from 2 p.m. to 4p.m.. Check the museum’s website for more information about upcoming events.



While less stately than the Museum of Art in Old Town, the Global Village Museum is as interesting and unique as it is educational. Nowhere else in Northern Colorado displays a showcase of the diversity of cultural art like there.