Algiers Hookah & Shisha in Fort Collins brings people together with unique aesthetic

Adelayde Dahlin

Algiers Hookah & Shisha looks like a little hole in the wall, but inside there is much more going on.

Dim lighting, a mix of music ranging between alternative, indie and relaxing EDM always playing on the speakers and an ambiance all its own. Small rooms made up of nooks and a patio, which opens in the summer months, give you the ability to keep to yourself or to be able to get out, mingle and meet new people. The patio area is made up of exposed wood, one of the back nooks has a ceiling meant to look like stars consistently changing color and the front room has stretched out seats filled with intricately designed pillows. Benches, booths and bar stools are everywhere so there are plenty of places to sit and hang out. However,  Algiers does fill up fast and can have over an hour wait some nights.


According to Evan Reams, an employee at Algiers, Algiers welcomes many different types of customers ranging from “traditional customers, kids from CSU and the regulars,” he said.

He has a few different favorite reasons for working there including, “the mix of the customers,” Reams said.

“With this job, you get interaction and the atmosphere,” Reams said. “People are more willing to talk about things here.”

Along with customer interaction, the staff is also close with each other.

“The staff here is awesome,” Reams said. “It is family oriented and we hang out together after hours.”

Reams’ favorite bowl is cardamom and vanilla, but it can be “really earthy,” which sometimes people end up not liking, Reams said.

Two customers Alex Holliday and Sean Sweeney come to Algiers for the people.

“It is a good place to people watch,” Holliday said.

“It’s a family,” Sweeney said. “I have been coming here for two years.”

Holliday says her favorite bowl is straight ambrosia, Sweeney says his is spicy peach.


Now what exactly is in the shisha you may ask?

“It is a mix of tobacco that is mixed a certain number of times,” Reams said.

Most of the ones they use are about 0.05 percent nicotine and that the process includes marinating and molasses. Some are made up of actual fruit, Reams said, he has found lemon rinds in the lemon-flavored shisha bags before as proof.

With your hookah you get free water and tea served at your table, or at the bar area if you would prefer to sit and talk with the employees. Algiers is not just about smoking though, some people also just come with their friends to hang out and not smoke while their friends do and enjoy the unique aesthetic.

Algiers is open from 2 p.m. to 3 a.m. The cost for most nights is $9. More information can be found on their website:

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