Alec Reviews Music: Milky Chance rides success with ‘Blossom’

Alec Erickson

In the music industry there is always one fear: whether you will be a one hit wonder or not. You make a poppy track that dominates airwaves and suddenly all ears are tuned for your next big project. That is exactly the pressure that was facing the group Milky Chance. Their track “Stolen Dance” was infectious and catchy and the band took some of that energy and put it all towards their sophomore record “Blossom.” This record is helping to define the band’s style and place in the scene.

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Milky Chance, a German-based duo, are among the new kids on the block. Formed back in 2012, the group released their debut record “Sadnecessary” in 2013. The record went on to chart incredibly well all over the world in large part thanks to the lead single “Stolen Dance.” Their debut peaked at 17 here in United States on the Billboard 200 chart. The mix of folk, reggae, alternative-rock and electronic music has helped put the band on the map as a unique and very stylized band. While their sound is still fresh and developing, it has been a few years since the release of “Stolen Dance.” That is where “Blossom” comes in to play and proves that Milky Chance is much more than a one hit wonder.

“Blossom” is a 14-track record that clocks in at around an hour in length. From front to back it is teeming with genre fusion goodness. Taking after what made “Stolen Dance” and the rest of “Sadnecessary” so good, this record builds off the memorable acoustic riffs with beats that are easy to lose yourself to and some catchy melodies as well. That is the entire formula of the record. Every track feels new and is as fun to listen to as the last. There is a lot to be appreciated about “Blossom.”


Musically, we should acknowledge the refined sound that Milky Chance have been working on. From the get go with title track “Blossom” you are treated to a wonderful ride, starting off slow before building up to a catchy track. This sets the tone that the rest of the album continues to follow and there are plenty of fresh takes on that. You get tracks that are layered with new and exciting instruments like “Clouds,” “Cocoon” or “Firebird.” Then you get tracks like “Doing Good” or “Bad Things” that resemble something you could find in a club. From top to bottom this record is infectious and keeps you coming back for more each time.

Lyrically, this is all about Clemens Rehbein’s vocals. The entire record is built around how methodical and enticing his delivery can be. Tracks like “Stay” that have a somber note or “Heartless” remind you how irreplaceable he is as a vocalist. There is not a whole lot to the lyrics of the record. They are surface level at best, but are relatable. The latter really works well for the entire record. You can suspend that when you get entranced when listening to tracks like “Losing You” and “Piano Song.” Overall, it is not as much about the lyrics with “Blossom” as it is the delivery and music.

Should you listen to it?: Yes!
If you loved “Stolen Dance” then you will not have any trouble falling for “Blossom.” The entire record is built off the style and feeling that song gave listeners. But if you want a little bit more there is a deluxe version of this record that gives you an additional six tracks that are all acoustic versions, all of which prove why it is easy to fall in love with the acoustic guitar riffs that have helped shape Milky Chance’s sound. Either way you should take a chance and give this record a listen.