7 CSU-themed April Fools’ Day pranks

Maddie Wright

April Fools’ Day is this weekend, so here is a list of Colorado State University inspired pranks:

1. Trump Trap


“Put up a poster like Trump is coming to give a talk,” said CSU student Demi Serrano.

2. Beard Buzz

You could shave off Tony Frank’s beard, and watch CSU as we know it crumble to the ground.

3. Tables and Toilets

“(RAs from Academic Village) said that a few years ago they had like a weird prank war, and one of them put all the common room furniture in the bathroom stalls,” said CSU student Venus Cariaso.

4. Rad Rams

For a cute, school-spirited prank, you could dress up the ram statues around campus.

5. Clark Confusion

If you want to make Clark even more confusing than it already is, you could rearrange all the room numbers.

6. The Swimming Oval


Instead of playing frisbee or having a picnic, “make the Oval a pool,” suggested psychology major Paloma Mars.

7. Crossing Campus

For a simple group prank, dress up as crossing guards and direct students on bikes and longboards on the plaza.

“I just think that would be so funny,” said CSU first year student Alex Simon.

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