4 places to celebrate 303 Day

Coloradoans will be basking in the magic of their state Friday in celebration of the state-wide holiday 303 Day.

This holiday exists solely to celebrate Colorado and what makes it a great state. Though there are many things that makes Colorado great, the outdoor scenery is arguably the best thing about the state.


Photo courtesy of wikimedia.org

As the holiday approaches, here are three places to visit in celebration of 303 Day:

1. Red Rocks Amphitheater

Location: Morrison

Red Rocks is the historic amphitheater that all musicians dream of playing at due to its beautiful scenery and natural acoustics the rock formations create. People from Colorado and the world come here to see concerts, workout in the amphitheater and enjoy the views. Films are also shown during its spring and summer seasons.

“I love red rocks because it’s the only concert venue I’ve been to that’s right in the mountains,” said Colorado State University student Haley Nelson. “It’s scenic and beautiful. It also has such an upbeat vibe and loads of good energy.”

2. Garden of the Gods

Location: Colorado Springs

Garden of the Gods is a beautiful rock formation in Colorado Springs. Check out the vast scenery and go on a hike with your friends.

3. Manitou Springs

Location: Colorado Springs


While you are in Colorado Springs, head over to Manitou Springs.

CSU student Briana Jara said it is her favorite place to go in Colorado because “it is just beautiful.”

It also is the home of the Manitou Incline which thousands of people in Colorado climb each year.

3. Horsetooth Reservoir

Location: Fort Collins

Most locals and CSU students have been to Horsetooth, but it is always fun to revisit its beauty.

CSU student Jennifer Hudler said Horsetooth is one of her favorite places to go in Colorado.

“We kind of have the best of both worlds with the mountains and the water,” Hudler said. “It is the perfect stargazing spot. It is so close to Fort Collins, you just wouldn’t expect it.”

Have a campfire with friends or just go for a drive. Horsetooth has plenty of personalities.