Wolf sanctuaries in Colorado

Adelayde Dahlin

Wolves are currently on the endangered species lists, but they may not be for too much longer. Lawmakers in several states have put forth The War on Wolves Act once again trying to allow wolves to be hunted in vast amounts. The states included in this act are Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Wyoming. If this act passes the wolves in these states will no longer be protected by the federal government. This is likely due to the money that can be brought in by allowing the ability to hunt these beautiful animals.

If you want to learn more about the wolves here in Colorado and possibly set up a visit check out these sanctuaries below. If you want to help the wolves and learn more about these major issues check out the Endangered Species Coalition.


Endangered Species Coalition: http://www.endangered.org/wolves/

Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center

Where: Divide, Colorado

Hours: starting at 10 a.m. Tuesday through Sunday

This sanctuary is a non-profit organization only a few hours outside of Denver and they offer multiple tours. There is a standard tour where you learn all about the animals as you walk by and see them, an interactive tour where you get take pictures one on one with the wolves and a feeding tour where you get everything included in the standard tour, but you also see the animals being fed. They also offer a few other opportunities, such as one with private photographers or more time with the wolves at different enclosures. They have full moon tours once a month at night with stories, drinks and howling with the wolves. Coyotes and foxes are also present at this sanctuary. There are also special holiday events on their calendar.

See prices and more at http://www.wolfeducation.org/

W.O.L.F. Sanctuary

“Wolves Offered Life & Friendship”

Where: Laporte, Colorado

Hours: currently not open to the public


While this non-profit is currently not open to the public they are in the process of trying to move to change that. They have purchased a larger amount of land in close proximity to Fort Collins, but need to raise money in order to build visitor facilities and large enclosures among many other things. While they currently do not allow visitors they do offer volunteer opportunities and internships. Also interesting to note, they work with the Colorado State University diagnostics lab when one of their wolves or wolfdogs dies. Plus wolves are not the only animals they rescue, they rescue other types of wolfdogs as well, seeing as how many have been abandoned.

Learn more, volunteer, and donate here http://wolfsanctuary.co/

Mission: Wolf

“Education vs Extinction”

Where: Westcliffe, Colorado

Hours: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. everyday

This sanctuary is rather interesting. Not only is it completely free, but it also offers a chance to camp overnight. It is located deep in the mountains and is run on solar power and wind turbines. Their website focuses on their “off-grid” living and they have a huge focus on sustainability and even use greenhouses. While it is free donations are a must for this to be able to happen. Other programs regarding the wolves are also available.

Learn more at http://www.missionwolf.org/