CSU students respond: Should celebrities have a place in politics?

Adelayde Dahlin

This is arguably one of the most stressful times in our nation, and no one is staying quiet about it, especially not celebrities. Big names such as Miley Cyrus, Madonna, Shia LaBeouf and many others are speaking out about political issues. With such a large platform, and in many cases a lack of political background, this begs the question: Should celebrities have a public opinion when it comes to politics?

Celebrities have a right to be involved with politics just like anyone else.


Colorado State University student Sarah Jones said that although it may not be their job to have an opinion, it is their right.

“I think it’s interesting that people are posting on social media about celebrities being out of line with political comments, when they are American citizens too,” Jones said. “They are just as effected as us.”

CSU student Bridget Hyde agreed.

“Everyone has a place in politics, everyone votes,” Hyde said.

Celebrities should be involved in politics because they can reach large audiences.

CSU student Janele Harry said celebrities should voice their opinions because of the large audiences they can reach.

“It is good for them to use their fame to support these issues,” Harry said, citing Shailene Woodley as a good example for “bringing a lot of attention to Standing Rock.”

CSU student Bre Lancaster said while celebrities do have a right to share their views, the people who follow them may form an opinion for the wrong reasons.

“It is totally acceptable for celebrities to use their fame and their platform to promote for causes they believe in,” Lancaster said. “But when people begin to agree with a celebrity’s stance just because of who they are, it’s not necessarily the celebrity’s fault, it is just a huge problem in our culture.”

But, it is important to note that celebrities in politics can go too far.


After all, “Trump was once a reality star,” said CSU student Lauren Hughes.