Election Day’s best tweets

After a long, messy and sometimes downright weird election, everything has finally come to an end. The two major candidates that the US has been presented with both have stirred more discussion and criticism than any election before, and with opportunities to bash on the opposing candidate or show undying support for the other coming to an end, election night may have produced some of the best material to come out of social media this year. People could not wait to chime in on their feelings of nervousness, fear, relief and everything in between. Check out some of the highlights from Twitter:

The biggest trend seen among Twitter users was extreme nervousness and anxiety. People couldn’t wait any longer to find out who would be the next president of our country.



Some people tried to relieve this anxiety by tweeting things to reassure people that things will be okay.


But, no matter what, people were still on the edges of their seats, biting their nails as the polling centers closed and election results began to pour in.


Another common trend to be mentioned in tweets throughout the election coverage was how big of a disaster the 2016 election has been.


People in other countries were just as tuned in to the election coverage as Americans were. With an election as crazy and unpredictable as this one has been, everyone wants to stick around to see how things play out.


A lot of people expressed their fears for our country’s future, regardless of which candidate will take the Oval Office.



Many people watched the election coverage across multiple different platforms, including Twitter, Youtube, NBC, Fox News, and most commonly, CNN. Many people couldn’t get enough of how much energy CNN’s Wolf Blitzer had as he spoke about the candidates. He spoke with extreme speed and energy and continuously repeated the phrase “key race alert” as results came in.


No matter who you voted for and no matter if your favorite candidate won or lost, be proud of yourself for voting and pat yourself on the back for making it through this election alive. Hopefully, your election night was slightly better than that of some of the people who tweeted tonight.