Things to do on Halloween besides party

Camila Nadalet

You are a college student. As such, there seem to be certain expectations that society expects you to meet. The most common ones seem to all kind of hover within the same area. For example, taking care of yourself, paying bills, having a job and being responsible and professional. These expectations, however, are the ones that society ideally holds you too.

As is well-known, there are other expectations as well. One of them being getting very adequate experience in drinking and partying. And, with Halloween in the horizon, that expectation seems to be growing exponentially.


But, what is one to do if they do not want to participate in the partying and craziness that is Halloween? Here is a list of things to do on Halloween for the people that would rather keep away from all the insanity and unidentifiable people:

1. Go to the store, buy a whole bunch of candy, and go home to consume it all yourself while binge-watching your favorite show on Netflix.

This is a very valid option for something to do on Halloween if the party scene is not your thing. There is no shortage of candy in all stores around town, and Netflix is always down to chill. While this may be a typical Friday night for many people, Halloween is a perfect excuse to have two nights in one week like this.

2. Have friends over to make “scary food.”

Another fun thing to do if you are not the only one in your friend group who is a total introvert is have people over and make Halloween-themed food. From mummies in a blanket to Jack-O-Lantern stuffed peppers to tombstone brownies, Pinterest will be your best friend in guiding you and your peers through the perfect, three-course Halloween meal.

3. Volunteer at local Halloween events.

Do not forget that even though Fort Collins is a so-called college town, there are still children and families living in the area that also celebrate Halloween. Seeing as this is the case, another fun Halloween option is to volunteer with any local organizations that put on Halloween carnivals or activities for children in the area. It is a fun way to get involved, and you can still dress up and will likely be able to eat as much free candy as you want.

4. Do homework!

For the most fun option of all, study for your tests or write that essay that is looming over your head. You are a college student after all, and Halloween this year does fall on a Monday. As much as we might like to think that professors will give us a break because they know what goes down during Halloween, they do not care. Dues dates remain static, and the late policy is still in effect. While it may not necessarily be fun, perhaps a smart option is to do some homework.

So, there it is. If partying is not your thing, as it is not everyone’s cup of tea, here are just a few other options to give a try this Halloween. There is no need to feel any pressure to go out and be social around a bunch of people you do not know because there are quite a few other fun things to do with your time this Halloween. Though society may expect college students to dress up and go out on Halloween, it does not mean that it is a requirement. Instead, pick up a good book, watch a scary movie if you are brave enough or go to sleep thinking about how you are warm in your bed while everyone else is out in the cold at a party. Halloween can be fun no matter how you choose to spend it, so choose to spend it exactly how you would like.