Show off your Halloween and school spirit with these CSU-themed costumes

Halloween is right around the corner. If you still do not have a costume yet and are looking for something to show off your CSU spirit, then look no further. Here is a list of easy-to-make and unique costumes you can wear at all of your Halloween parties, and they will all make for some great Instagram posts.

Cam the Ram


For an easy one, go as the beloved Cam. Go as the mascot in a CSU jersey with some horns, or go as the real ram and add some fur, a CSU blanket and crawl around on all fours. If you really want to commit, you can get a group to lead you around with leather leash all night. This one has the added perk of no one having to ask what you are because it is so obvious and adorable.

Tony Frank

Get yourself a nice looking grey suit and a solid goatee, and you are ready to go.

A Professor

This look can be completed with a neutral color cardigan and rectangular glasses. Now, just walk around telling dry jokes for the rest of the night and inspiring the youth of today.

The A

A solid white “A” made out of paper will do the trick just perfectly. For added effect, you can even build yourself a miniature Hughes Stadium to wear as shoes. Maybe even get some origami mountains going in your hair.

The Free Speech Stump

Tree costumes are pretty easy to come by, but if you want to CSU-ify it, cut it in half and make it the stump from the plaza. To amp it up, feel free to start preaching/screaming about your opinions on the upcoming election. For even more attention, see if you can get a friend to come by and shout things back at you.

Campus Tour Guide


Get a nice green shirt, a name tag and walk around enthusiastically spewing fun facts about the CSU campus. For added effect, get a group of your friends to follow you around taking selfies and asking questions. Or ask your younger sibling to join the group to look bored and disinterested the whole time.

The Alley Cat

Venturing a bit off campus, you can use your old pair of cat ears and sip some coffee all night for the perfect Alleycat cafe costume.


Couples costume alert! You can get a simple horse costume and your partner can get a tooth costume and boom! Instant #relationshipgoals. This one is great because it is super easy to put together and requires no arts and crafts.

Construction Worker

With all the construction constantly going on on campus, it is only reasonable to honor them by dressing up as them for Halloween. A construction worker costume is easy to come by, and if you want to kick it up a notch, consider attaching a CSU sticker to your hard hat.

Ram Ride

To piggyback off of the Cam the Ram costume, make yourself a quick cardboard car and “drive” around all night offering to drive home your drunk friends at all the parties as a Public Service Announcement.

A Therapy Dog

A simple dog costume you can buy at a costume store with a red service shawl will be perfect. Since the CSU campus is practically crawling with dogs all the time, it is a perfect way to demonstrate school spirit. Everyone will know what you are.