Gorillaz tease first album since 2010

British virtual band Gorillaz have been busy lately. The group has taken to their various social media platforms and website, releasing a series of cryptic multimedia stories that have been rumored to tease out a new album. Since their formation in 1998, the band has represented themselves with four fictional, animated characters who appear on the band’s website and throughout their music videos.

Earlier this month, the band released a mysterious multimedia story following their female Japanese guitarist Noodle titled “The Book of Noodle.” Four days later, they released the second edition titled “The Book of Russel” following the band’s fictional drummer. The band also collaborated with British car company Jaguar, releasing a video in which Noodle breaks into the company’s facilities and races their Formula One car.


While details about the new albums are scarce—the band not releasing a release date, name or even any singles—one thing is for sure; the band is putting an emphasis on aesthetic. The group’s organized, uniform release of media, all staying consistent in artistic image, is a refreshing break from typical album rollouts. Even though Gorillaz haven’t officially introduced the new album, founder Damon Albarn said in a Reddit interview earlier last week that the album would be finished in the next two weeks. The album would be the band’s first release since their 2010 LP “Plastic Beach.”