CSU student starts ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ troupe in Fort Collins

Since its release in 1975, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” has solidified its place in film history as a cult classic like no other cult classic. It has generated fans of all ages and backgrounds that have such a pure dedication to the movie, they have transformed the musical comedy horror into something that could be called a new form of theater: forming troupes to perform the scenes live along with the movie, shouting out hilarious responses to lines from the movie in unison and dressing in drag.

This tradition is seen around the nation and Fort Collins is no exception.


The Late Night Double Feature is Fort Collins’ very own “Rocky Horror Picture Show” performance group. The group, originally dubbed as Fort Collins Favorite Obsession, was Founded in August 2014 by Arianna Casey.

Casey, a medical anthropology major in her senior year of study at CSU, was originally a member of Denver’s Rocky Horror acting troupe Colorado’s Elusive Ingredient.

Casey was first captured by “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” when she was a high school student at Lakewood High in Denver. She said that the movie “just gave (her) purpose to keep going with life.” The movie was shown every month in Denver and Casey attended religiously, saying that she “found her identity in Rocky,” Casey said.

Photo courtesy of Arianna Casey

Casey joined the cast when she was 18, working her way up to play every character in the movie except for Brad Majors. Casey said that she’s “found a piece of (her)self in each character,” although her favorites to play are Frank, Riff Raff and Magenta.

Casey moved to Fort Collins to attend CSU but stayed a part of the Denver cast. After some time, Casey decided to get out of the Denver scene but could not quit Rocky because “it’s in (her) blood.” After making her decision, Casey contacted some of the leaders in the Denver cast and they told her that they wanted a sister cast in Fort Collins; thus, Fort Collins Favorite Obsession was born.

Casey contacted a couple of friends and put out fliers, hoping to generate a cast. She kept herself busy “promoting, directing, teaching everyone individual parts, talking to theaters and doing everything by (her)self.”

Now, with an evolving cast and an increased performance range, the group has decided to change its name to The Late Night Double Feature and has grown to the point where the work does not fall solely on her, citing a recent incident when a cast member volunteered to teach another cast member another part.

The Late Night Double Feature consists of 12 members, ranging from age 18 to 31. They rehearse in full as a group once a week at two different funeral homes in Loveland. On top of that, Casey travels between members’ houses to help with various parts.

The group’s last performance was at Fort Collins’ gay-friendly alternative bar The R Bar and Lounge. The cast walked into R Bar just having a night out when the owner mentioned that the bar wanted to put on a performance of Rocky Horror. Conveniently, the entire cast was there to fulfill these wishes. The performance was a massive success, with another potential performance there in the works.

The Late Night Double Feature’s next performance is in Colorado Springs on Friday, Oct. 28 where they will be performing with the Denver cast.


Undoubtedly, The Rocky Horror Picture Show has changed Casey’s life just like it has for so many others who have found a family in the movie’s following.

“It’s a cult classic,” Casey said. “And it is a cult.”

The movie has even influenced Casey’s educational path, who decided to study medical anthropology after meeting several people with mental health disorders in the casts of the performance groups according to Casey. She hopes to change many of the policies around mental health treatment after graduating.

Casey recommends getting involved in a Rocky Horror cast.

“Don’t dream it, be it,” Casey said. “It’s a lot of work, but you will get everything out that you put in.”

Information about The Late Night Double Feature can be found on Facebook at facebook.com/rockyhorrorftcollins.