The benefits of iPhone’s iOS 10 update

The latest software update from Apple was recently released. Some of the changes came as a shock to many, but once the muscle memory of pressing unlock is finally learned, there are some interesting features to explore.

The news and music apps got a graphics facelift and certain songs now offer lyrics while listening, making for even better car karaoke.


The photo app now creates memory folders based on the dates and locations in which your photos were taken. The Mark Up feature allows for a lot more editing options, such as adding text and your own doodles in eight different colors, and it includes a duplicate tool. There is also an upgraded search bar within the app to make searching for specific people or things in your photos a breeze.

Checking the time and quickly viewing notifications has also been streamlined with the Raise to Wake feature. The phone senses when it is in normal viewing position, or when it has been picked up, and wakes the screen. When it senses it has been put back down, the screen goes dark again.

Maps got a number of upgrades as well. It can tell you how long it will take you to get places you normally go, suggest the fastest route and make suggestions for places along the way based on your tastes. This includes the option to search for gas stations and food stops along the way, and it will calculate the extra time the stops will cost you.

Some of the biggest changes show up in iMessage where messages can now be sent in an individual’s own hand writing or in “invisible ink.” The text bubbles can also be made “gentle” where the text is smaller, “loud” where the text is huge or “slam” where the bubble slams onto the screen. There are also background screen effects, so messages can be sent with balloons, fireworks, lasers, confetti or shooting stars to make any text special.

Also, the text suggestions now include more than just autocorrections. When a word turns orange, it can be replaced with an emoji that is representative of the same idea. There are also six quick responses that can be used by holding on the text bubble you just received. These allow people to know the text has been seen without having to type out a response. The suggestions also go as far as to insert information. For example, when typing “Ashley’s phone number is,” the phone number will show up in the suggestion. The same goes for addresses and emails.

iMessage even has its own app store. Downloads include assortments of sticker packs, gifs, memes, games, ESPN scores, weather updates, fitness apps and many more. All of these can be attached to texts without leaving the iMessage app. Images and songs can also be attached directly from your phone.

There are also a few new emojis this time around. The biggest change here is that there is now both a male and female version of all the sports and professions. There are also same sex couples in the family depictions, as well as single parent family depictions.

An overwhelming favorite of the update, though, is the fact that the pre-downloaded apps can finally be deleted. Apps like stocks, wallet, podcasts and others that always seem to be in a folder labeled “untouched” no longer need to take up space.