College fashion trends you should stop following

Fashion trends emerge with every generation. But, as time passes and new fashion trends are made, the old trends tend to look pretty ridiculous. While some seem to be harmless and even fun, there are some that should never have been called trendy in the first place. Here is a list of top college fashion trends you should not follow:

Leggings as pants


Leggings are great. I refuse to wear jeans anymore because leggings are just so comfortable. But, unless you actually invest into a good pair of leggings, they shouldn’t be worn as pants, unless you wear a really long shirt.

Failed attempts at the hipster look

This includes wearing scarves with shorts and a tank top, t-shirts with old references that you don’t understand and glasses with fake lenses in them. Following this style looks like you’re trying too hard.

Rompers at school

Now do not get me wrong. Rompers can look super cute, but they are not functional. Seriously, does anyone have tips on how to use the bathroom while wearing one these things without completely undressing?

Pajamas worn as day clothes

One word to describe college students is tired. We don’t get that much sleep, so I get why this is a thing. But, pajamas are not the answer. There are comfortable real clothes out there. The only exception is finals week when you have to be at school by 6 a.m. Anyone who has to wake up at that time deserves to wear whatever they want.

Although I do consider these fashion trends to be more of fashion faux pas, I want to clarify that if you love wearing any of these things because they make you feel confident or beautiful, then go for it.