Ten most relatable Yik Yaks from the first week of school

Yik Yak, one of the most used apps on college campuses nationwide, recently underwent an update that dramatically changed the nature of the app. The app is no longer anonymous. Even so, many CSU rams continue to post, making us laugh and nod our heads in agreement. Here are the ten most relatable Yik Yaks from the first week of school:

1. “Good thing CSU’s sidewalks are getting watered though, would hate to see them wither.”
At CSU, we the students are very concerned about the epidemic of dehydrated sidewalks. We are thankful that CSU views this as an issue as well.


2. “Just reminding everybody that it may be Monday and the first day of classes, but at least we don’t go to Boulder. F*ck CU.”
May their be no truer reminder of just how fortunate students are to not wake up to a bunch of buffs every day.

3. “Freshmen, the NUMBER ONE lesson of freshmen year is: always give upperclassmen meal swipes. Unrelated note: anyone got a meal swipe?”
Every time upperclassman give advice to freshmen, it comes from the sincereness of their heart and has nothing to do with the grumbling of their bellies.

4. “Today’s goal: find a private pooping spot on campus.”
Another user informed us about the single bathrooms in the library on the second and third floor. Rams take care of rams. Go forth.

5. “My king soopers purchase came out to $15.15. It’s a sign for tonight.”
The King Soopers gods have spoken.

6. “When you get a package in your mailbox and you get super excited because someone loves you. Then you open it and it’s the textbook you bought. With your money…”
If anyone else needs to hop on the textbook struggle bus, now is the time to board. I’m pretty sure this person is driving.

7. “What are you supposed to to do when you’re in love with someone who doesn’t return your love?”
Rammies love to use Yik Yak as an outlet for love advice. And rightfully so. One user replied, “You try to move on and fail.” Priceless advice.

8. “Living behind Fat Shack could be the best & worst decisions ever.”
Being so close to tater tots constantly is never and will never be a bad decision.

9. “Don’t you hate it when you go to the ATM and there isn’t $1,000,000 in your bank account.”
Happens every time. One user replied, “I know those feels, I only have 49 cents.” Sounds like these rams need some meal swipes after buying some textbooks.