Selena Gomez’s ‘Revival’ marks her maturity, enchants us all

Zara DeGroot

Zara’s Review: 9.13/10

If Selena Gomez did not already have your heart in the palm of her dainty hand, she definitely will with the release of her latest album “Revival,” which debuted last Friday. I speak for Gomez’s loyal following (which she has kindly dubbed her “Selenators”) when I say that this album has most definitely revived me. selena


“Revival”, which Selena says has been in the works for a year, showcases her vocal strengths in a wide array of songs, ranging from ballads (“Camouflage”) to trop house sounding tracks (“Survivors”) to spicy Latino rhythms that’ll take you to the dance floor (“Body Heat”). This album follows her first solo venture from 2013 — “Stars Dance” — and proves to be a graceful transition from her Disney Channel days.

Gomez has transformed from cute Alex Russo in Disney Channel’s “Wizards of Waverly Place” into this sultry woman within the past few years, post Bieber break-up. She’s openly said that she has gained confidence and feels empowered after dealing with meany Internet trolls and body-shaming. And her music reflects just that — her metamorphosis into a goddess. 

The album begins with a song called “Revival” in which she sets the stage for the following tracks.

“I dive into the future but I’m blinded by the sun. I’m reborn in every moment, so who knows what I’ll become,” she speaks before the slow beat drops. 

All of the songs document what seems to be her journey from a confused teen girl to a strong woman. The album is a compilation of coming-of-age stories — heartbreak, getting inspired and living life unapologetically. And she shares this story using her best accessory — that deep, sultry voice of hers that perfectly fits the sexy vibe of the album. 

In “Same Old Love” (co-written by fellow pop star Charli XCX), Gomez points out how boring repetitive relationships are. She unapologetically expresses her desire to feel sexy for her significant other in “Good For You” (featuring A$AP Rocky). And she makes a statement of independence, empowerment and contentment in “Me & My Girls.” 

“Revival” is versatile, providing songs to dance along to alone in the kitchen and ones to cry along with when the Internet h8rs get to be too much. 

The lyrics are witty and catchy — some of my favorite being “put down the weapons you fight with and kill ’em with kindness” in “Kill ‘Em With Kindness” and “’cause all of the doubts and the outbursts keep making love to each other” in “Hands to Myself.”

Gomez’s album came just in time — “1989” has been in desperate need of a hiatus from my car’s CD player (no offense Taylor). “Revival” will undoubtably take its coveted place for at least a few months. Or until I get into podcasts and have no interest in musical entertainment. 


After listening to each song about 700 times, I can confidently say that “Revival” is the best piece of work that Selena Gomez has released. You can tell she took her time to perfect this album, making it something she would be proud of releasing into the world. And I am among the many excited to see how this accomplishment will shape her career.

Now please excuse me, I must go purchase my tickets to the Revival Tour for next July. 

Collegian A&E Reporter Zara DeGroot can be reached at or on Twitter @zar_degroot.