4 unintentional fall fashion trends at CSU

Rachel Fountain

The weather is cooling off, the days are getting shorter and the trees are just starting to turn.

Yes, autumn is nearly upon us, and that means one very important thing: It’s time for a fresh fall wardrobe.


This fall is shaping up to be a bold new era for fashion. Take a good look around campus and you’ll see that students are already sporting new looks for the new season, and some of them are quite revolutionary.

Here are four of latest campus fashions to keep you on the cutting edge of style this fall semester:

1. Thigh Lines

You’re sure to spot this new trend around the library or the Clark building.

The creators of this style simply wear clothing that exposes the back of their legs, then sit in a chair until the chair’s pattern is neatly pressed into their skin.

The various thigh line styles include the “I just sat through a lecture in Clark,” the “I just finished a homework session at the library,” or the ever-popular “I just had lunch outside at the LSC.” 

It’s new, it’s one-size fits all and so customizable. Just pick a chair with a seat-pattern you like, sit back, relax and voila!

2. The Giant Backpack

Bigger is better in the world of backpack couture! Students all over campus are flaunting this look. It’s also easy to achieve.

First, simply shove all your heavy textbooks, all your binders, your laptop, your lunch and heck, even a few bricks in your backpack.


Then, completely disregard everything you’ve ever heard about good posture, strap it on (you may need someone to help), and there you go!

If it’s big enough to cause issues going through doors, you’re doing it right. And remember only the coolest kids hold that big backpack on one shoulder.

3. Under-eye Bags

Ladies, skip the eye shadow. This season, it’s all about the under-eye bags; a tribute to your sexy studious side.

The key to this look is the right combination of exhausted and overworked, something that screams “I procrastinated hardcore on this project and did it all last night till 2 a.m.”

All you’ve got to do is not sleep for a night or two, or five.

You could start a new addictive series on Netflix, or drink massive amounts of coffee, or attend that horror movie festival and you would emerge with perfectly sleep-deprived, exceptionally baggy eyes. 

4. Bike Hair

In the realm of hair, this season means wild. Bike Hair has taken the campus by storm. All you’ve got to do to achieve this look is bike to campus in the wind!

For those of you that prefer a more subtle, down-played Bike Hair, wear a helmet as you bike.

For those who appreciate the bold, untamed look: helmet-less is the way to go. Make sure to go in various directions as you bike, and the wind will do all the styling for you.

Picture Fabio after a wrestling a greased bear in a hurricane and you’ll get the idea. Bike Hair is without a doubt the perfect way to complete your new fall-look.

Collegian A&E Reporter Rachel Fountain can be reached at entertainment@collegian.com or on Twitter @rachelcfountain.