Explore the new Fort Collins Trader Joe’s

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Video package by Gabe Pocrass


Ramlife Entertainment host Gabe Pocrass takes a look inside the newly opened Trader Joe’s grocery store.

Article by Alex Lee

Friday marked the official grand opening for the highly anticipated Fort Collins Trader Joe’s at 3500 S. College Ave., bringing a diverse crowd excited to be part of the new addition in the community.

Trader Joe's Edamame
Trader Joe’s Edamame

Starting at 8 a.m. and consistently throughout the day, customers rejoiced in the samples, the amazing customer service and products that they had been eagerly waiting to get their hands on.

“We thought this day would never come,” said customer and local Mackenzie Sutphin. “This is a huge deal, this is keeping me in the town.”

Fort Collins already has a lot to offer as far as organic, kosher, vegan and gluten free options, but Trader Joe’s brings selections that not a lot of other local places have.

“We don’t like to compete with anybody, we’re just adding more choices,” Captain Alex Culp said. “We bring food to the area that’s different and unique. … And we’re just looking to add those interesting lines of foods to Fort Collins.”

Inspired by traveling the world, buying cool new things and selling it in the states, founder Joe Coulombe developed the Trader Joe’s lifestyle through food quality and low prices, but the trademark attire of Hawaiian shirts became another reason why it is a favored place to shop.

“We really just look at ourselves as having a party every day in here,” Culp said.

The Hawaiian shirts, the colorful wooden plank signs and the upbeat atmosphere make this Tiki-themed paradise the perfect food and beverage haven for anyone looking to add healthy and heavenly items to their diet.


People have been waiting for this day and with their great options and prices, it should not be too out of reach for even students to eat healthy under a budget.

“There is a lot of fun, great energy in there,” said CSU student Tamasin Shaw. “I’m happy to have one here (in Fort Collins) and I’ll definitely be back for their great options.”

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