The Boot Grill offers discounted “Train Shots”

Royce Hoffner

Video by Callie Varra


When it comes to getting the best prices, students know how to make each dollar stretch as far as possible.

For the students that are old enough to consume alcohol, finding ways to afford the new expenses of alcohol become vital. One place that can help to stretch those greenbacks is The Boot Grill located on 130 W. Laurel St., across from Lee’s Cyclery.

The building is a three level bar and grill that boasts a year round rooftop area – if you are willing to push through the harsh cold of winter. The bar has a decent amount of seating and a very open atmosphere. Courtney Steinwinder, a bartender at The Boot Grill, discussed one of the more unique deals the Grill has to offer.

“In the mornings, we make a shot called the Train Shot. Whenever a train goes by, we have two dollar Train Shots,” she said.

According to Steinwinder, every morning a bartender decides what the Train Shot of that day will be and makes enough for the day’s crowd.

“We even have students that will come over when they hear the train and then will go back to their classes,” she said.

This makes the Boot Grill an excellent spot to help with drinking on a student budget.

The bar also features live music performances on a regular basis. These performances span from country to classic rock. Bands like New from Nashville, Kenny Lee Young Acoustic, Dokajovi, Zachariah Dean Band and Grooze Doodz all have upcoming shows at the Boot Grill as well as many others.

Collegian A&E Writer Royce Hoffner can be reached at or on Twitter @RoyceHoffner.