The sweetest cupcakes in Fort Collins

Peyton Garcia

‘Tis the season for all things sweet… that is until you see the Cupcake Cabaret perform, where these ladies spice things up in a whole new way.

The Cupcake Cabaret is a burlesque dance troupe local to Fort Collins, and the Cupcakes, as the dancers, are known as the epitome of sexy, cool and confident.


Julia Diverdi, also referred to as “Lola Begonia,” was one of the original founders of the Cabaret.

“The first time I saw burlesque I thought to myself, ‘Holy crap, what is this and where has it been all my life?’” Diverdi said. “It was so glamorous and fun.”

Diverdi and two of her fellow dancers established Fort Collins’ very own burlesque troupe in February of 2009. Diverdi has since turned burlesque into a way of life.

“In some ways, it’s made my life the life I’ve always wanted,” Diverdi said. “I don’t have to have a day job or answer to anybody, I just get to do this.”

From their glossed up lips down to their glittery heels, a burlesque dancer owns her stage.

“It’s so brazen too, seeing women who are so willing to be sexy and revealing,” Diverdi said.

Diverdi believes every woman deserves the chance to feel powerful and sexy.

“I’ve seen girls who come to my classes and start out in big baggy t-shirts and hiding in the back, then after a couple classes they’re in the front row wearing a little sparkly bra top, and feeling so comfortable and happy with themselves,” Diverdi said.

Diverdi offers a variety of classes that not only include burlesque, but belly-dancing, yoga, strip-tease and more.

However, this life of glam and glitter didn’t just introduce Diverdi to her passion, it also introduced her husband, who went by the stage name Jimmy ‘Fast-Fingers’ Gibson.


“I think that when we get along it goes so well and it’s so incredible to get to share those moments with your partner,” Diverdi said. “I can’t imagine doing it without him.”

Gibson became the emcee for the Cupcakes in 2010.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed watching us grow since when I started,” Gibson said. “Every big cupcake show that we produce sells out. Every single one.”

Gibson was frontman in a heavy metal band when Diverdi spotted him and decided he was exactly what the Cupcakes needed.

“I love performing in front of giant crowds and I love performing in front of 10 people,” Gibson said. “Bottom line, we are about entertainment.We sell good old-fashioned entertainment and we want our product to be as good as possible.”

The Cupcakes frequently perform at Avogadro’s Number, a music venue and restaurant in Old Town.

Owner of Avo’s, Rob Osborne, confirmed that the Cupcakes always bring in a heavy turnout.

“Avo’s is the most suited venue for what we do. People can go sit and eat, have a drink and enjoy a show,” Gibson said.

This weekend, the Cupcakes will be putting on an extra special show at Avo’s. Saturday Dec. 14 at 8 p.m., the Cupcakes are showing off their rendition of the classic Christmas tale, The Nutcracker, featuring characters and music from the ballet.

Tickets can be purchased online at or by calling Avo’s at (970) 493-555. More information about the Cupcake Cabaret and classes offered can be found at

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Editor’s Note: A name in this article has been changed to protect the privacy of the person mentioned.