Bizarre Bazaar

Need something to get that picky hipster friend for the holidays? Perhaps they’d like the newest indie vinyl album. What about something for your grandparent so they can reminisce about days of old? Maybe a movie poster from the 50s would do the trick.

“There isn’t a store in Fort Collins where I can get these interesting and unique items for the holidays,” you might lament to yourself, sighing over Target’s dismal CD section.


Fret no more, for you are mistaken.

Bizarre Bazaar is the store that will help you with these and other exciting finds. The used book, movie, records and CD store was opened by Scott and Jane Makarchuk last October after they moved from their previous used bookstore in the Northeast.

“When we were working at the old store — which was mainly used books — he had a bunch of old records in the basement of the store,” said Jane Makarchuk. “Then there was this comeback of records. Bands were releasing on vinyl, and records became very popular and became about half our business.”

The Bizarre will buy your old records, books, movies and CDs as well as sell them. Everything that they sell in the store is bought from another customer (unless it is a new record, which they will order every other week).

“We get people who come to our store from Wyoming and Denver,” said Jane. “It’s because … we pay pretty well when we buy something.”

When you walk into the store, you are greeted with hundreds of used records, shelves of used books and original old movie posters that decorate the walls.

They are in the process of starting a coffee shop as well, and are hoping to open it before the new year.

“My husband [Scott] is very resourceful and creative, and he just started making everything,” she continued. “He hand-made pretty much every shelf in the store, and the counters. We also started making our own record cleaning solution.”

As the music over the loudspeakers plays gently into your ears, you browse while the mom-and-pop essence starts to seep in.

“We don’t put anything up online or even use a database,” said Scott. “Part of what keeps us afloat is when people browse. For instance if someone asks if I have a book, I know it might be over in that section, but you have to go looking for it.”


Browsing makes you find things that you would never before look for.

“When something piques your interest, you have to look at it, then you find something new,” Scott declared. “You never know what you don’t know.”

The music industry is taking a turn, from whole albums and records to singles.

“People love the new records because they have artwork and posters and lyrics and pullouts,” Jane said. “Records are more like eating a whole meal versus just having a quick snack. It’s a story.”

Indulge, fans. You never know what you don’t know.

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