CSU fashion show ‘Spectrum’ to showcase array of designs, styles next week

Claire Oliver

Fashion week doesn’t have to be limited to the New York elite. Classy fashion can be experienced in Fort Collins. 

On April 6, the Design and Merchandising department will put on the fashion show “Spectrum,” showcasing the talent and creativity of design students at Colorado State University.


This year’s fashion show will feature a variety of designs and styles walking the runway. Each one has been designed by students in the fashion department. 

Isabelle Clement, a sophomore apparel and merchandising major, has been a part of the fashion show for the past two years. She will be modeling in this year’s show. 

There is so much excitement and passion that is being put in by the Fashion Show team, and I know it’s going to be a night to remember.” Isabelle Clement, Apparel and Merchandising major

“The fashion show is an amazing event that happens in Fort Collins and is executed by students,” Clement said. “It provides leadership opportunities and is an introduction into the fashion industry. It’s a class that combines all design department concentrations to collaborate and produce a much anticipated event.”

Clement said the name “Spectrum” couldn’t be more fitting. She said each designer has contributed unique styles and garments that showcase a true spectrum of talent and ability. 

“Each year, there are new student directors appointed, and with that, I think brings new ideas and creativity,” Clement said.  “I love the theme ‘Spectrum’ because after recent incidents that have happened at CSU and around the world, it’s a theme that embraces and encompasses all walks of life.”

The show will be held at the Lincoln Center and tickets can be found here: www.lctix.com 

Jack Savoie is a senior apparel and merchandising major and has a collection in the show.  Savoie’s designs were inspired by social influencers and their unique style. 

“I wanted my collection to keep classic in terms of shape and utilize luxury textiles of wool, silk and leather,” Savoie said. “The collection is meant to be versatile with existing wardrobes.”  

“The audience can expect a wide variety of rich, unique collections that tailor to each designer’s individual identities and interests,” Clement said. “I’ve seen inspiration being pulled from coastal lifestyle, Parisian architecture, home countries, social media influencers, you name it. There is so much excitement and passion that is being put in by the fashion show team, and I know it’s going to be a night to remember.”

The fashion show will take place on April 6 at 7:30 p.m. in the Lincoln Center.

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