ASCSU student voter turnout is problematic

ASCSUIn this year’s ASCSU election, only 20.09 percent of the student body voted. The election for who will represent the 29,500 students at Colorado State University was decided by only about five thousand votes in total. This is a number that is astonishingly low, especially when compared to averages from other elections.

The problem here is that ASCSU is our voice. Their entire existence is to represent we the student body to the upper echelons of Colorado State. For all intents and purposes their voice is our voice, and their actions represent our collective desires and wishes. What they do ultimately affects all of us.


For whatever reason, 80 percent of the people that ASCSU represents did not (apparently) mind in the least what they do. And that needs to change. Whether you like what they do or not, their job is to represent you. The way in which they go about doing that depends on what you say at year’s end. Your vote isn’t just a click on a website, it is an expression of permission. It is an endorsement of a particular path that they want to take.

You shouldn’t just leave that endorsement up to less than a quarter of the student body. At the end of the day: if you don’t vote, you don’t matter.

If you don’t like the direction that ASCSU wants to go in, or don’t approve of the job that they are doing now, and didn’t vote: you’re out of luck until next spring.