Colorado the best place to find a surrogate mother

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Rancics to the Rockies. E! News anchor Giuliana Rancic and her husband Bill will travel to Denver in August to await the birth of their son, due via surrogate.

According to an article from People Magazine, “The Rancics…have a special connection to the state: their Denver-based fertility doctor suggested surrogacy after a routine mammogram before Giuliana’s in vitro fertilization treatment revealed breast cancer that required a double mastectomy.”


The couple’s surrogate is a former au pair living in Denver, Colorado. According to the Rancics, her address had a lot to do with their decision. In the article from People,

 ”Clean living here [Colorado],” Bill said. “I felt much better. The water – everything about this state – is great. Giuliana agreed: “It has to be Colorado or bust.”

People around the country agree: Colorado’s a great place to live. Lousiville, CO ranked CNNMoney’s list of Best Places to Live in 2011.