Lucky 27 Grooming Tip of the Week: Dreadlocks

Doug Hay

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All types of hair are affected by the high arid climate of Fort Collins. Conditioning the scalp and hydrating the hair is a must to optimize healthy hair. 


Dreadlocks are unique and in our climate “Keeping Your Scalp Moisturized with Dreadlocks” is a must ! Mr. Koby Peters a CSU student , shares the best method for keeping your dreads healthy and looking good:

Dreadlocks in this high altitude climate are prone to cause flakey scalp. Regular anti-dandruff shampoos may actually cause more dandruff and gross scalp issues, like scabs and allergies. Neutrogena T/Gel Original Formula shampoo delivers the best results for dreadlocks. This shampoo uses coal tar to reduce flakes without any gross side-effects.

Steps for the most healthy scalp:

  1. Wash dreads with T/Gel as needed for your lifestyle.
  2. Dry dreads quickly to reduce chances of mold.
  3. Moisturize scalp with a small amount of coconut oil by massaging into scalp.

-Koby Peters

Thanks Koby for helping with our Lucky 27 Grooming Tip of the Week ! We appreciate you.