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Jake Wieliczkiewicz is practicing a sport logging event called the “Double Buck” | CSU Logging Sports Team

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On March 27th through 29th, the CSU Logging Sports team will host the 80th annual American Western Forestry Clubs Conclave! Conclave is the major annual collegiate timbersports competition of the West, and this year Colorado State will be hosting it for the first time in nearly a decade. For one week from sun up until sundown, the lumberjacks and lumberjills of the Western United States and Canada will join us in Fort Collins for some exciting competition. On March 27th, Conclave will also host the Western league Stihl Collegiate Series Qualifier competition, the winner of which will go on to compete with the regional Stihl collegiate champions from around the country in May.

CSU’s logging team has been putting in long hours of hard work and planning for Conclave all year, and are excited to host the loggers of the West and share their sport with the Colorado community. Competitors will test their skills as they fight for the top spots in events including chopping, crosscut sawing, chainsaw events, axe throw, academic forestry events, log rolling, and much more!

CSU Logging Sports Team

Conclave will take place at 3400 W. Vine Drive, right off Overland Trail. The event will be free to the public, but parking will be limited, so spectators are encouraged to use ride sharing or take the #9 bus (which stops right next to the competition field) to the event.

Come join us for a week of exciting competition like you’ve never seen before! You can check out the CSU Logging Team on Facebook (Colorado State University Logging Sports Team) and Instagram (@csuloggingsports) for more information.  See you at Conclave!