That Ski Bum Life

Trigg Skoe


By Doug Kemp


My name is Doug and I have been skiing and snowboarding for 25 years. I started snowboarding 15 years ago and have never looked back. One of the biggest reasons why I snowboard is the community that surrounds the sport. The camaraderie and friendliness of snowboarders and skiers alike is a big motivation that keeps me coming back. The reason I switched to snowboarding is the style. There’s nothing like riding a snowboard, carving hard, and floating through champagne powder.

Over the years as I have begun becoming a bit of a ski bum. The last couple years I had a set up in the back of my truck under a fiberglass shell. It was a simple set up with some roofing insulation, a cot, and a Mr. Buddy heater, but it did the job really well and I never got cold, even in negative temps. This year I upgraded to a large Arctic Fox camper for my truck and I’m really excited to see what happens camping in such a big unit.

One of the biggest things I found out trying to camp and snowboard at resorts is that being a ski bum is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Sadly, most ski resorts and ski towns no longer let campers stay in parking lots overnight, instead you’re forced to find a quiet spot where nobody knows you are camping. However there are still resorts that allow you to be a true ski bum. Some of my favorites are Winter Park, Loveland, and Jackson Hole. And if you ever get the opportunity to camp at a ski resort and try the ski bum life you will not be disappointed. It is an eye opening experience that will change you forever.