“Be FoCo” Presented by Akinz

Trigg Skoe


If you’re a Fort Collins local, you’re probably familiar with one of the community’s  catch-phrases: “Be FoCo.” To “Be FoCo” is to be unique, to be in touch with the locals, and, of course, to have style. If you are looking for a one stop shop with all of these attributes, look no further than Akinz. Located in the epicenter of Old Town, Akinz offers affordable outdoor apparel but specializes in handcrafted beanies. But, just who is behind the company?


Akinz, originally established in 2005, opened their Old Town Store in 2012. Akinz was started by Suzanne Akin, a Fort Collins resident who abides by the company motto of “Find your wings”, which means to find something that motivates you in life. Suzanne found her wings by embracing and giving back to the Fort Collins community. Mirroring this personal goal, her shop also supports the idea of taking pride in where you live and this is evident the second you step in the store. Her shop truly transcends the Fort Collins way of life: living easy, being unique, and taking pride in where you live. Whether it’s the in-house handmade beanies and hand-printed shirts or the friendly greetings and smiles, this shop embodies Fort Collins. When it comes to stylish outdoor apparel, Akinz has it all. If you are considering going to the mountains for the winter and want to stay warm and look great, check out Akinz’ hand-crafted custom beanies in which you can customize the style, color, patch, and pom. You can find Akinz at 15 Old Town Square, Suite 132. Akinz will also have a Holiday Pop-Up Shop located at 3027 E Harmony Rd, Suite 1 from Dec 1 – 29.