Moose the “Cheese Hound” Dog

Trigg Skoe


By Moose with Trigg’s assistance


A little over a year ago, my human owner Trigg took me from my free-roaming farm life – where endless chickens could be killed – to go become a river dog. Well, Trigg really didn’t just take me; my previous owners weren’t very happy with me after my 5th or 6th chicken. I didn’t mind leaving though since he seemed like a nice guy.

On my very first day with him, he took me along to climb at Duncan’s Ridge at Horsetooth Reservoir. I had never been up that high before though, and got pretty scared. I wined a lot and kept complaining about making it down the trail. Luckily, since that first day, I have overcome some of my fear of heights, but heights wasn’t the only thing I had to adapt to to keep up with this guy. Adventure number two: whitewater rafting on the Cache la Poudre River. At first I was pretty stoked to be at the river. There were so many smells to sniff not to mention the opportunity to take a dip in the water. My excitement dissipated, however, because Trigg took an eternity to get everything out of the car. I was getting annoyed with the lack of stick throwing. Then, once he finally got all the gear unloaded, he told me to get into this big inflatable thing. It looked fun enough initially, but I soon found out that it was a little more terrifying than fun. It all started out just fine. The inflatable thing was actually warm and bouncy. But then we started floating in the water and making our way downstream. The bumps and splashes were crazy and the expedition was 12 miles! After making it through that, though, it’s been hard for Trigg to scare me much anymore.

Now after a year together, we go whitewater rafting, mountain biking and climbing together all the time. I even got to go kayaking with Trigg one time, but I realized I might be too big of a lap dog for that one. My favorite activity though is the biking because Trigg goes so fast and I get to try to keep up. I’ve learned to love adventuring  with Trigg, and I can’t wait to do it more. I wouldn’t have it any other way, well, except with maybe a few chickens added in.