Brighter and Bolder

Teagan Smith


Some of the hottest upcoming trends for this Spring were inspired by the recent New York Fashion Week. Prepare your closets ladies and gents, this spring is almost all throwback with a twist of modern asymmetric. This week, we’re giving you all insight on what to wear, and what to donate this Spring.


The first trend we’ll take a look at is a throwback with a twist of a new style. Rubber is SO in this Spring!

Rubber is SO in this Spring.

Along with seven other major designers, Calvin Klein was sure to add a rubber industrial-grade pencil dress to his line during Fashion Week. Grab your rubber raincoats and crocks because this trend will be making a statement.

Cute and slimming? That’s called ruching! New York Fashion Week introduced ruching to the Spring trends this year. ruching is the gathering of a fabric to make a repeating pattern of the clothing. This trend has already peeped into fashion this past fall with crop tops and dresses, but NYFW showed a style of loose ruching throughout dresses as well. Forget the saying, “beauty is pain” because comfortable is the new sleek.

NYFW showed a style of loose ruching throughout dresses as well.

Necklines are about to be the new headline. Asymmetrical Necklines are the new trend that twirls around the shoulder, and twists from the neck to the collarbone. Seen in collections from Jonathan Simkhai, and Calvin Klein to Haider Ackermann and more, this off-balanced silhouette is going to hit the rack fast.

Light and dark come together this upcoming season. All white suits and dark denim sets are in-style. No more trying to figure out what colors and patterns go along early in the morning, this trend will get you out the door in style.

Spring is about to be sprung, and Lavender is blooming all over! Michael Kors and Victoria Beckham are hinting the color in their collections from Fashion Week, and we’re all for it!

Brighter and bolder is the new name for Spring.

  Brighter and bolder is the new name for Spring so prepare your closets! This season is coming in HOT!