5 Staple Colorado Trends & Must Haves

Doug Hay

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Patagonia Puff Jackets: Just as common as corgi’s and microbreweries, Patagonia Puff jackets are seen all around Colorado! The Patagonia Puffer jacket comes in many styles and colors. From shades of neon green to orange, you would think that the brighter you choose, the better. Who needs a sports jacket? Send it over to REI and get yourself the comfortable and stylish Patagonia Puffer Jacket.



Active Wear: It’s important to understand how active Coloradans are, and with various outdoor activities to pursue, the clothing for adventures must be comfortable. Yoga pants are perfect for working out or just lounging around in. Go ahead, rock those Lululemon’s you picked up from old town! Whether you’re ballin’ on a budget, or looking to sport a pricey tag, activewear is a necessity in Colorado.






Fleece Zip Ups: The Fleece Zip Up is essential for layering, and adding color to your outfit. There are a variety of brands that carry the style, making them convenient for any budget. You can check out the Arc Thrift Store or Brand Spanking Used for something basic and cheap! Or, take a look at some of the popular brands that produce them such as Patagonia, North Face, and Columbia.


 Socks and Sandals: The trend that seems to confuse many, but still slides, is wearing socks with sandals. Whether you’re rockin some Birks, Chacos, or Tevas, look out for that sunny 50-degree day because socks and sandals are still in!



Flannels: Similar to fleece jackets, flannels are a common staple item for Colorado fashion. You can easily find good-condition, used ones at thrift stores for close to nothing. However, if you’re looking for newer quality and long lasting, Pendleton is the place. Dress them up with some casual sneakers, or throw on some work boots because the flannel is very versatile!