Seriously: Upbeat Trump hopes for pleasant Inauguration Day

Sean Kennedy

Beaming warmly while chatting with members of the press and White House staff, Donald Trump told reporters that he is hoping for a pleasant Inauguration Day.

“I really hope this goes well, I’ve been looking forward to this day since the American people put their confidence in me last November,” said Trump, who emphasized that he wishes for the day’s festivities to be a celebration of all that makes America great, so that everyone can enjoy equally. “I want to bring all the people together; Republicans and liberals, winners and losers alike, and give them something they can be proud of.”


Trump added that while he understands that most of the focus of the inauguration will be on him, he hopes that the ceremony won’t distract the public from his ultimate goal of bringing Americans together to work at solving the many problems facing the country.

“This day is not about me. Yes, I’m about to become President Trump, but more than that, I want this day to be about coming together as a nation to tackle the issues that matter to all of us. Whether someone voted for me or not, whether they are rich or a loser, is beside the point. Their voice matters to me and I’m grateful to serve them.”

At press time, Trump offered critics and media members an open invitation to the White House to discuss their concerns before retiring to a private chamber to make final preparations for his speech.

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