Inside ASCSU: Upcoming bills impacting representation in senate

Christina Vessa

As students are beginning to return to Fort Collins from their fun-filled and, hopefully, relaxing breaks, ASCSU members are getting to work. Representatives from the Legislative Branch have a few impactful bills on their plates as the semester begins.

In the first senate session of 2017, on Jan. 18, two bills hitting the floor could impact levels of representation in the senate.


The ASCSU Senate Chambers in the Lory Student Center.

If passed, Bill #4608 would amend the number of senators awarded to academic colleges. Currently, the number of senators per academic college is awarded based on the enrollment of that college. This bill would give two full-time seats to each college, with a proportionate number of associate senator seats attached.

Another piece of legislation that could cause quite a bit of debate and discussion is Bill #4610. This bill would amend the controversial Diversity Bill that was passed last spring by awarding full-time senator seats to the Multi-Faith and Belief Council. Currently, the Diversity Bill has awarded one full-time seat to each of the Student Diversity Programs and Services offices, however, if passed, Bill #4610 would add one additional full-time seat.

Senate is held every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. in the ASCSU Senate Chambers in the Lory Student Center. Members of the Colorado State University and Fort Collins communities are welcome to attend and give gallery input.

ASCSU Deputy Chief of Staff Christina Vessa can be reached online at or on Twitter at @ChrissyVessa.