Nightlife: The process of people watching

Anna Hoover

A stream of consciousness of a night out in Old Town.

Geesh! How can so many people be this bad at parking? I mean, come on–parking in the lines can’t be that hard.


Yay, I found a spot somewhat close to where we’re going to eat.

People walking through Old Town Plaza late on Friday Night | Anna Hoover | Collegian

Man, there are a lot of couples, and I mean A LOT…they all are holding hands and being lovey-dovey. I wonder how many of them are aware of the number of couples present in Old Town — it is romantic with the lights and people playing live music, but still not a single single-person in sight, it is kinda weird.

Oooh, look at that guy that came around the corner with the cape and top hat! He looks like a magician! He even has a fancy cane and walks with a swagger, I wonder if he also has white gloves. Come on, show your hands, I want to see if you have gloves on without being creepy… dang it, no gloves. Oh well, he still looks cool, he’s totally a magician, or a Victorian gentleman, obviously.

Man, this wait seems to be taking forever. It is a Friday night, but still. If everybody must be inside here, where are the crowds outside or at other places?

Hmm, those people look interesting. He looks like he could’ve climbed Mount Everest. The ponytail, the scruff, the puffy bright blue marshmallow coat, he would be an interesting person to start a conversation with, at least.

Meh, we’ll just wait outside, more room.

Drummer and guitarist playing music in Old Town Plaza Friday night with anti-Trump protest sign stuck in the fountain | Anna Hoover | Collegian

At least there’s live music. Seems relaxing, people just sitting around musicians listening, even the protesters are calm. I wonder if they are just as cold as we are. I’m cold, but they seem relaxed and not shivering, so I can tough this out. Not like we’re gonna be here all night. *chuckles*

(Starts humming “Sunglasses at Night”) Man, I must be an awful person, he could be blind or wearing them to avoid eye contact…really, that has to be the first thing that pops into my head??

[Later, after being seating and getting drinks]

I wanna taste their beer, I’ve never had chocolate beer before….*gagging* Who would drink that?! No way that tastes like chocolate…. liar. Other person at the table: “Well, that was a rave review.” I’ll just stick with my drink, thank you!


Aww, look how cute that kid is over there, playing with her grandfather’s wedding ring. Woah… now I feel conflicted. People say it’s bad for young girls to idolize marriage, but look how happy she is. The moment seems so loving and innocent, now I feel bad for feeling had about it.

Dude, yes, you at the bar – we realize her vest is poofy, but you can stop patting it now.

Huh, that was a really forced smile, I wonder what the guy next to them asked the bartender.

“The smell of brain cells…” Eavesdropping is weird in busy places, like the places where you start hearing conversations behind you…. Also, it next to impossible to NOT eavesdrop in a busy place, so why is it still considered rude and why you should try to ignore any conversations you hear?

Cars and Christmas lights put up in Old Town of Friday night | Anna Hoover | Collegian

“This probably wouldn’t be as funny if I hadn’t been drinking, but [insert something slightly humerous],” says every person trying to be hilarious on a date. Geesh… I wonder how many people have heard this before.


I feel like acting shouldn’t be as hard as it is. I see people using hand gestures and talking. I understand how to do those movements and feel like I could replicate them, yet believable acting is hard. Sometimes, even people using normal gestures don’t look believable… observing nonverbals is weird.

Huh, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a steampunk outfit with pink roses and socks with sandals… interesting outfit choice. Same for one of the staff, he looks like he’s wearing a skirt with his apron, gloves and crocs…at least he’s probably comfortable.

Ugh, so many people, I can’t wait to get back home and relax. I wish I remembered which one was our waiter to ask for the check, but those two look the same… maybe if I just stare at both of them, the right one will come by and ask if we need anything. *telepathically sending message to waiters*

These Christmas light look so pretty, like stars… but if we turned off all the lights, we would see so many more stars. Sooo many lights…

Wait, are we even going the right direction to the car? Dang it, where’d we park? *Does slow 360*… that way, homeward bound we go!

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