Nightlife: Foothills Mall- the new hangout spot

Anna Hoover

Living in Fort Collins means that whenever you plan to go out for a date night or do anything near campus, Old Town is the go-to choice for shopping, food and entertainment. However, with colder months approaching, Old Town becomes a bit too chilly to aimlessly walk around and window shop.

Yes, Old Town has character and has sparkling tree lights lining College Ave for the holiday season already. I’m not saying Old Town doesn’t have a special place in the hearts of every college student that comes to CSU. However, there is the Foothills mall that has shops, restaurants, a theater, and, coming this December, an ice skating rink —a new place to hang out.


Inside the Foothills mall | Anna Hoover | Collegian

Before you can scream at me, “How could you abandon Old Town?” Just think about it. When it starts to get cold after dark and you want someplace different for a date night or getting to know your roomies some more, Foothills Mall is a place to consider. They have plenty of seating, a giant fireplace inside, multiple shopping outlets to visit both in and around the mall and they have great restaurants facing a plaza, which is also the location of the soon-to-be ice rink. If you want seafood, Mexican food, burgers, or even alcohol, it’s all within a two-minute walk of the shops or the movie theater.

Lighted fountain in the plaza at the Foothills Mall, FoCo | Anna Hoover | Collegian

Also, with everybody getting geared up for the holidays, Foothills is great for finding cool knickknacks or just general gifts for a friend. There’s Bath and Body Works, Hot Topic, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Store, and over a dozen more stores that are open now, with more to come this spring — and ,yes, they have already started putting up holiday decorations, so don’t be surprised when everything is snowflaked and delicious smelling.

Scented holiday candles in Bath and Body works | Anna Hoover | Collegian

One of the best reasons why this place should be considered when going out is that it is not all outdoors. As a Colorado native, even I don’t enjoy going to Old Town when it’s cold. Having to bundle up just to meander around and experience the wonderful character of Old Town is a hassle and makes me want to stay in where it’s warm and cozy. At Foothills, I get to browse and not have to worry about getting cold or overheating inside from so many layers.

The facade for the Foothills CineMark theater, complete with lounge chairs and alcohol | Anna Hoover | Collegian

Plus, Old Town lacks a big theater with the blockbuster releases — Foothills does. The Foothills CineMark has those fancy lounge chairs that lets you lean back and put your feet up while watching the movie, and it’s not that much more in price. It’s cheaper than going to a normal theater and seeing in 3D. Also, they serve amazing ice cream and alcohol in the theater, so I’ll let you experience that with a movie like Dr. Strange.

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