Puffin’ with Paul: Soul Train – A sustainable flower review

Disclaimer: Under Colorado law, the use of marijuana is restricted to those aged 21 and older or those with a valid medical marijuana license. Colorado State University does not allow the possession or consumption of marijuana, recreational or medical, anywhere on campus. The Collegian does not condone underage consumption of marijuana.




When Organic Alternatives was founded, the owners had one thing in mind: “sustainable quality for the Front Range.”

This quote has become the cornerstone of what makes Organic Alternatives the outstanding dispensary it is.The organic nature of their products starts with sustainable energy. Alternative wind turbine power juices their production facilities with ample amounts of electricity – 100 percent of their power to be exact – a far more sustainable practice than most other operations around the state.

When it comes down to how the product is grown, it is not hard to guess that they use all organic nutrients for the plants. The whole operation, from head to toe, including the personnel, is what sets Organic Alternatives on a pedestal higher than most. They even cure their harvest for up to twice as long as some of the competitors on the market, making Organic Alternatives a destination on most people’s version of a ‘Colorado bucket list.’

Soul Train Flower (Neall Denman | Collegian) 


While concentrates are the preferred realm for me, it is understandable that most people also want to see other types of reviews. So, I am here to bring you a flower review of Soul Train. It is the strain of a Sativa dominant hybrid hitting the charts at 22.29% THC.

I decided to go with an “oil drum” piece – the “oil drum” percolator is a telling sign that the piece was made by the great folks over at Kind Creations. The oil drum to ten arm percolation on the piece was complemented by a gently bent neck, making sure that the choppy waters generated from the piece’s function will not enter one’s mouth.

Oil Drum to Ten Arm Kind Creations Piece (Neall Denman | Collegian) 


Outstandingly smooth pulls from the oil drum piece made it clear as to why employees from Kind Creations suggested it to me for this review. The smooth, effortless function of the piece coupled with the sour and citrus tones from the flower make the immediate cerebral, body buzz of the Soul Train, which has become one of my favorites. Despite the flower consisting of mostly Sativa genetics, such as Lemon Thai and Trainwreck, a relaxing body buzz can be noticed.


The stress relieving and anxiety depleting Soul Train left me wanting more. I felt uplifted and creative from the cerebral buzz. I found that I really enjoyed the body buzz this strain offered – normally something reserved for Indica dominant strains or hybrids. The worst part of this strain was the hunger and dry mouth it provoked, which is not always a negative, it just depends on personal preference. My favorite part of the strain had to be the creative and uplifting cerebral buzz it gave me while also tasting sour and earthy. Oh, and the sour lemon smell produced from burning the flower also became one of my favorite aspects of this strain. Overall, I give the flower an 8/10 leaves.

Make sure to cross-off Organic Alternatives from your ‘Colorado bucket list’ and to grab the Soul Train Sativa-hybrid (running at $60.00 an eighth for recreational customers). Check out my next article for The Green Report on October 27 at Collegian.com.

Nug-shot of the Soul Train (Neall Denman | Collegian) 


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