NightLife: Beer, bowling and games at Chipper’s Lane

Anna Hoover

Wall Mural (Anna Hoover | Collegian)

Going to the movies for a night out can be draining, especially on the wallet. As an easy alternative, try bowling with friends at Chipper’s Lane for a striking deal of unlimited bowling and laser tag for $10 every Thursday for “College Nights”.

CSU banner located in the bar at Chipper’s Lane (Anna Hoover | Collegian)

What all is at Chipper’s lanes? You can check their website for the differences between the two locations we have here in Fort Collins, but I recommend going and seeing them both for yourself — be a brave Ram and explore!


The College location has a stage in the center of the bowling lanes for live music and karaoke, and it has an arcade. The Horsetooth location has a larger arcade, a bar with an outdoor patio and a laser tag arena.

Their website has coupons and specials that are perfect for money-strapped college students. They have deals for pitchers of beer, bowling games, laser tag challenges and more.

Laser Tag briefing room at Chipper’s Lane (Anna Hoover | Collegian)
Laser Tag vesting room at Chipper’s Lane (Anna Hoover | Collegian)










You can target your enemies, or your best friends, in their black-light laser-tag arena, which has plenty of twists and turns to hide behind and shoot around the corners. Bring plenty of friends so you can team up!

“Wearing comfortable clothing is a must because you work up a sweat while playing laser tag, and you want to wear shoes you can run with,” said Danielle Brown, a nursing student from UNC. “I recommend other students go there because it’s a BLAST!”

Anna Hoover | Collegian Bar area connected to outdoor patio at Chipper’s Lane

Chipper’s Lane is catered to a wide variety of audiences, varying from different ages and abilities. If you are over the drinking age, check out their in-house bar and patio to enjoy a pitcher of beer, or any other drink you prefer, while you bowl a game with friends. Other food and drink options are also available for those 20 and under.

Not good at bowling? Get some practice in and join a league to get feedback and perfect your bowling technique as well as get your weekly gossip in while you play. Check their website for league locations and times.

Anna Hoover | Collegian Bowling lanes at Chipper’s Lane


Chipper’s Lanes is also great for the casual visits, especially for date nights.

“I have gone with a date because [Chipper’s Lane] takes off the pressure and you can preview the type of person they are in a competitive situation,” said Danielle Brown. “I have also gone with friends because it’s cheap and something different than just doing the tired movie hangout, so I recommend it to anyone who is interested in something different.”

This relaxed setting makes it easy to kick back and enjoy a night out without breaking the bank. If you did want to bring some extra cash, you could enjoy the many arcade games, and maybe win your partner a giant stuffed animal!

Anna Hoover | Collegian Arcade at Chipper’s Lane


With all the classics, such as the claw, virtual races and lucky button, the arcade comes with a wide variety of prizes for those lucky enough to win.


So for all the college students looking for a cheap, yet fun, place to go and hangout, check out Chipper’s Lane — especially since FoCo has two!

Anna Hoover | Collegian Bowling balls at Chipper’s Lane


Good luck and get that strike!

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