NightLife: Fun in FoCo – Exploring the Fort

Anna Hoover


Fort Fun (Anna Hoover|Collegian)

I believe in a healthy dose of competition, especially in relationships. Dates get boring and repetitive when the only option is to go stroll Old Town for something good to eat and to see a movie. Granted, Old Town does have some delicious eats, but sometimes it’s nice to change and actually DO something.




Fort Fun (Anna Hoover|Collegian)

What better way than to take your date to an arcade? A classic tradition, going back to carnivals from… well, I don’t know when exactly. But that doesn’t matter –arcades are a fun way to get competitive with your friends or partners as you battle it out with games like dance or air hockey. I am the reigning champion of air hockey by the way, and proud of it!


There’s also other games, as well as bumper cars, in the arcade area at Fort Fun, just east of Mulberry St. and Lemay Ave. Personally, I got a chuckle out of one of their claw machines. What exactly is the function of a rubber duck, anyways?

Similar to a Dave and Busters, you get a preloaded token card that keeps track of your tickets. It looks like a credit card, which takes away the awe when you win a giant pile of tickets. Aside from that, the system is the same as any other arcade, you win tickets and you redeem tickets for prizes. There were a lot of prizes out of our ticket range, so we kept our card for the next trip to save up. I’m saving for a giant stuffed puppy; I mean, look at it — it’s super cute!

Fort Fun (Anna Hoover|Collegian)

For those that like a western classic, try out their shooting range–complete with skeletons, saloons and sleeping cowboys! Located inside the “train depot”, it might throw you off as the actual entrance is to the right of the bushes. It’s fun to try and uses the same arcade cards as everything else.

Fort Fun Photo credit: Anna Hoover
Fort Fun (Anna Hoover|Collegian)

There was more than just the arcade. One of my favorite activities to do with friends, family, and dates is putt putt golf. They have two courses: one fantasy themed and one set in ye olde Fort Collins. The par for each game seemed challengingly low, but it’s more fun to compare yourself with friends than worry about the official par–besides, they’re more like guidelines anyways.

I enjoy playing putt putt golf over other activities/date ideas because you can still talk and actually enjoy each other’s company instead of staring at a screen or wasting time chewing food. I highly recommend it. Even if you’re not good at it, you get to relax and enjoy each others company and you don’t have to get too competitive.

Although I’ve yet to try all of them, there’s also laser tag, batting cages, go-karts, a “giant slide” and other seasonal activities. There are water boats in the summer to squirt each other with and, coming this winter, there’s outdoor ice skating. Rental skates will be available. It’s on a small lake, or what some might call a large pond, but it provides one more excuse to drag a date to come and keep you warm when it’s finally chilly enough outside for skating.


Fort Fun (Anna Hoover|Collegian)

One final bonus I actually enjoyed was that they had food (and alcohol for those of drinking age), which was nice to have on hand during a game of golf or to reenergize after playing arcade games. Granted, it’s hard to play and eat at the same time, but it was convenient so we didn’t have to leave when we got hungry. Overall, it made for a really enjoyable break from monotonous studying.

For more information on their hours and pricing, visit their website here.

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