Bottoms Up! visits Maxline Brewery

Ashley Haberman

Husband and wife and co-founders of Maxline Brewing, Kevin Gearhardt and Cathy Morgan, opened the brewery this past summer. Photo credit: Max Sundberg
Husband and wife and co-founders of Maxline Brewing, Kevin Gearhardt and Cathy Morgan. Photo credit: Max Sundberg

One of Fort Collin’s newest breweries, Maxline Brewery, offers a friendly environment to have a good craft beer. Hidden from the beaten path somewhere between Drake and College, their open-air seating and outdoor patio is dog-friendly, offers games and hosts a food truck, making it an all-inclusive establishment.

“People are super friendly here, that’s all I have to say,” Morgan, a regular and lover of Maxline, said.


To top it off, Maxline features a Raspberry Basil Saison with fresh basil from Native Hill Farm, one of Fort Collins top local organic farms. Coming from someone who doesn’t regularly drink Saison’s, the Raspberry Basil Saison was a very enjoyable and palatable choice with a light-and-tart finish and well-balanced hints of raspberry and basil.

The Witbier, a wheat beer brewed with 50% wheat, sweet orange peel and coriander. It was another easy-to-drink option with the subtle bitter finish that brings out the orange and coriander flavors nicely. This Berlinerweisse-style beer tastes just like what it is, a tart wheat. The Witbier and Raspberry Basil Saison together is a good way to enjoy both kinds of tart brews in one sitting.

For those of you whose palate’s desire darker, more floral and bitter brews, Maxline’s West Coast IPA, ESB, Oatmeal Stout, Scottish 80%, Farmhouse Double IPA, Pat’s Porter and Randall Infusion are the other well-crafted brews on tap.

Make sure to pop by for a pour with your pooch and experiment with the many brews Maxline has to offer.

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