Nightlife: Can’t decide on a movie? Just keep swimming

Anna Hoover


One of the most anticipated films of the summer, Finding Dory™,  is a must see!


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The experience became interesting before we even sat down—the theater was packed with mostly adults (20+ year olds) and there was hardly a kid in sight. This, of course, was not surprising considering the prequel, Finding Nemo™, came out over a decade ago, hitting theatres in May of 2003. 

This film hit all the expectations for those who remember the first film. The story seamlessly blended Dory’s past before Finding Nemo into the story as Dory finally remembers where she came from and goes in search of her family. As proof of it’s quality, Finding Dory made $135,060,273 (USA) after being released in theaters last Friday, breaking the box office in a record opening weekend for animated films.

The original film attempted to dissuade viewers from wanting to purchase endangered fish, like the clownfish, for their aquariums. However, with the rise in sales of clownfish and other portrayed creatures following the movie’s release, Pixar wanted to make the message much clearer this time around. The fish are much happier and better off in the oceans they came from, as the focal location of the movie itself points out the importance of rehabilitation of the marine wildlife. This film is not only humorous and endearing, but it leaves you feeling good knowing Dory and her family are happy and healthy together back in the “big blue”. 

This PG film is not just for kids. This is a great film to see with friends, family, or with anybody who appreciates a good Pixar film. It would be great to see with potential roommates for the upcoming semester if you’re looking for an icebreaker! There are plenty of characters with a wide variety of personalities and abilities (and disabilities) that make this film easily relatable to anyone, and they all work together and learn to appreciate one another in their adventure to help Dory find her parents on the other side of the ocean. 

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If nothing else, you can just go to see baby Dory in all her incredible cuteness and meet all the friends she had as a youngster before she lost her family. 

Also, just a heads up—stay after the credits for a couple cameos from the previous film in an amusing after-credit scene!

If you would like to see more, click here to see the IMBD page for Finding Dory™, where you can find trailers, cast information, and trivia for those who love to find all the Pixar easter-eggs.


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