Green Report: CSU grad and professor team up to build grow facility

Capelli D'Angelo

(Photo credit: YouTube)
(Photo credit: YouTube)

A Colorado State University professor and graduate have teamed up to build a 22,000 foot greenhouse in Nunn, Colorado. According to the Denver Post, the city council will vote on whether to approve their construction proposal as soon as Saturday.

The greenhouse will be designed to let in natural sunlight for plant growth. This system is different from most grow facilities, as most facilities use artificial light and therefore utilize more electricity. The tenants plan to minimize impact on the community and environment around the site as much as possible. 


Mathew Bauerle, CSU graduate, and William L. Bauerle, professor of ecophysiology and plant stress physiology, submitted the project proposal to the town council on May 7. If approved, the greenhouse will be built near the U.S. 85 corridor and will cultivate both recreational and medical marijuana. 

The crops will not be processed or sold in Nunn, instead being transported to various facilities across the state. To read more about the project proposal, check out the full article.

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