New regulation passed to limit the growing marijuana industry in Denver

Capelli D'Angelo

(Photo Credit: Wikipedia).
(Photo Credit: Wikipedia).

The Denver City Council approved a measure Monday that will limit the number of dispensaries that can open throughout the city. According to the Cannabist, the bill was designed to help protect neighborhoods that have been infiltrated by the growing marijuana market.

New business applicants will be discouraged by these regulations, whereas most already established pot shops will not see much policy change. License applications that have already been submitted and are pending will be reviewed before the bill is enacted.


The Mayor of Denver, Michael Hancock, has decided to enforce a temporary moratorium on the market until May 2, preventing any new marijuana entrepreneurs from entering the market. Last week an official count of 421 marijuana-related businesses was released: 147 dispensaries, 211 grow operations and 63 are a combination of both. 

“Caps are a way of at least giving the city and the industry time to really figure out what is responsible growth,” said Michael Elliott, director of Colorado’s Marijuana Industry Group.

Many community members who have been fighting for regulation on pot shops were pleased to see the measure passed by the council’s 7 to 5 vote. To read more about the new bill, check out the full article.

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