Cannabis Cup permit denied for Adams County

Capelli D'Angelo

Jack Herer (Photo Credit: Wikipedia).
Jack Herer. (Photo Credit: Wikipedia.)

High Times has announced that the Cannabis Cup will be held in Pueblo, Colorado this year for the first time since the festival launched four years ago. Events will take place April 16-20 in celebration of national pot-smoking day.

In the past, festivities have been held at the Denver Mart in Adams County. This year, Adams County denied the necessary permit for the Cannabis Cup to take place in Denver. The vote for this Feb. 17 was unanimous. 


“From a safety perspective, I have serious concerns about this event and this venue,” said Michael McIntosh, Adams County Sheriff.

Seeing as the Cannabis Cup is the largest event hosted by High Times all year, the festival will go on. Tickets will be available online next week. For more information on the denied permit, read the full story.


High Times has cancelled the 2016 Cannabis Cup. Event organizers decided time was too limited to organize and promote a quality event. For more information see the full story.

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