The vape pen of the 21st century

Capelli D'Angelo

As smoking vaporizers becomes more popular, the need for a pen that can heat up quick is becoming more evident. Bob Pratt, former scientist for NASA and chief technology officer for Herbalizer, has developed a new vaporizer that can reach operating temperature in 30 seconds.

According to Leafly News, most competition vape pens average around four minutes. The new device uses Halogen technology as a source of heat, this has never been done before in the vape industry.


“[NASA] was a really, really fun job. Everything was a new design, and you could take a lot of license to do special things. I say to people, ‘You’ll never guess what I’m doing now’ – and they never do,” Pratt said.

The team of designers even considered inventing their own heat source. Mostly because Halogen technology is more commonly used as a light source, rather than to provide heat. However, both heat and light are a byproduct of the Halogen bulb, making it perfect for a vape pen.

“When we looked at it, the halogen bulb was almost an epiphany-type moment,” Pratt said. “It is very very fast to heat up, so you can get a lot of power. It basically makes our unit behave like a Ferrari, if you like performance analogies.”

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