Nevada bans outdoor marijuana grow operations

Capelli D'Angelo

English: Map of Nevada
English: Map of Nevada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With many Nevada residents exercising their newly found right to treat certain symptoms with medical marijuana, the state sees fit to lay down a few ground rules. According to the Union, the Nevada County Board of Supervisors voted 4-1, banning outdoor grow operations and limiting the indoor plant count.

The meeting was held Tuesday, where board members determined the issue be voted on in greater numbers. The measure will appear on the ballot in June.


As of now, those who violate the outdoor plant restriction will face civil charges in a county court. The ban was designed to limit criminal activity related to growing marijuana, such as gunfights and illegal pesticide use.

Medical marijuana activists are not pleased with this restriction. Many argued that a more thought out, revised plan would work better. One that restricts grow operations from getting too large, but still allows them to flourish.

“I am a member of this community and I am a medical cannabis grower,” said Harry Bennett, a Nevada resident who grows his own marijuana. “Let’s sit down and work together. We can find something that’s right for our community and live happily ever after.”

Having all of the state’s marijuana supply grown indoors ups the cost of production. Between the need for additional electricity and space inside, the price goes up easily.

Nevada has a long way to go before its marijuana market is regulated in a manor that pleases the majority. To learn more about the new ordinance, check out the full article.