Chile manages largest marijuana grow operation in the world

Capelli D'Angelo

English: Palace of Justice of Santiago (Chile)...
English: Palace of Justice of Santiago (Chile). Seat of the Supreme Court of Chile and the Court of Appeals of Santiago (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chile’s Congress has recently decided to allow licensed patients to treat their symptoms with medical marijuana. Since then, the country has established the largest legal marijuana grow operation in the world.

According to NBC News, the farm will harvest 1.65 tons of marijuana before May of this year. Once cultivated, the plants will treat up to 4,000 patients across the country.


Ana Maria Gazmuri is one of the project organizers and has been a long time advocate for holistic medicine. She explained to Reuters News how the perception of marijuana in Chile is changing rapidly.

“This farm will further permit people to see for themselves the reality of the plant, and what its uses are,” Gazmuri said.

Prior to recent legalization of medical cannabis, the government in Chile has always shown a conservative attitude towards the drug. Now that the country is supplying medical cannabis to its patients, spectators predict that a recreational market may be underway in the not too distant future.

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