This Holiday, Pick Homeschool

Primary pupils in group work in a small villag...
Primary pupils in group work in a small village school (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you think school is overrated? So do these parents. So they are choosing a different path.

“There is no legal obligation for parents to send their children to school, although they have to provide a “suitable education” at home.


The figures show an increase of at least 10,399 pupils, up to almost 37,000, in a school population of about 9.5 million pupils.

The home-educated figure may be an under-estimate. When parents withdraw a child from school they are recorded as being home educated, but children who never start school may not be reflected in the statistics.

Among 190 councils with figures for 2014-15, there were 178 with data for the past three years, showing a 26% increase.”

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